A letter sealing machine

Description of the machine:
GPA-50 driving sealer a sealer |
1, spare parts:
adopts the international advanced processing equipment, processing and selection of international famous brand accessories.
2, technology:
firm she relies on for more than 10 years independent research experience in design, and learn from Japan and the Germany international peers in terms of sealing machines, such as advanced technology.
3, design:
① this sealing machine is the dominant color is beige, collection of stylish, beautifully in one. Also according to customer's requirements, configure the appropriate corresponding production machine color;
II is lightweight and pulleys matching, displacement is very flexible and convenient installation and debugging.
4, product technical parameters:
type: GPA-50
speed: 0-20m/min
Max packing dimension: l ∞ xW500xH500mm
the smallest packing size: L150xW150xH120mm
power supply: consumption function 220/380V 50Hz
: 240W
for tape: W48mm/60mm/75mm< BR/> machine size: L1020xW850xH1350 (not containing before and after drum frame)
machine weight: 120kg
5, and reasonable optimization of powerful function:
① according to carton specifications, manual regulation width and the height, simple, and shortcut, and convenient;
II sides belt drive, upper and lower seal box, and economic, and fast, and smooth;
6, and industry leading of seal box performance:
① performance stable, and quality reliable, and seal box efficiency high, and Applicability, long life;
after the product packing, it suitable for lighter cardboard box sealing, sealing effect is smooth, standardized, attractive;
using the tape seal, fast, easy adjustment, can be a complete upper and lower sealing action.
7, protective design:
① mechanical precision and durability, structural design tight, vibration-free running, stable and reliable;
II equipped with a blade guard and avoid accidentally stabbed, safe production and efficient packaging.
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