Side sealing machine parameters

side sealing machine parameters

used Taiwan technology manufacturing, and selection imports parts, electrical components and the pneumatic components;
according to carton specifications, manual regulation width and the height;
applies Yu side side opening of carton, as beverage, tiles,.
upper and lower belt drive, sides seal box, economic, fast, smooth;
distribution loaded knife protection device, avoid operation Shi accident stabbed;
can single job, also can and automatically line supporting using. *
FXJ-5050< BR/>* power supply: 1P 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 400W
* speed: 12-15/min
* packing size: L200-550 W150-480 H127-480 (mm)
* tape size: 48~72 (mm)
* kraft paper tape, BOPP tape machine size: L1850mm x W988mm x H1370mm
* transport dimensions: L2000mm x W1050mm x H1570mm
* gross/net weight: 360kg/300kg
name: FX-02 automatic folding lid sealing machine technical parameters: power supply: 1P 110V/220V 50Hz/60Hz 200W/400W speed: 15 boxes/packet size: L150~ ∞ W120~500 H120~450 (mm) tape dimensions: 48~72 (mm), kraft paper tape, BOPP tape machine size: L1150mm x W1005mm x H1230mm transport size: L1200mm x W1100mm x H1400mm gross weight/net weight: 230kg/250kg
detailed introduced:
automatically folding cover seal box machine tie line job Shi just will carton bottom surface formed of four can bent folding of Panel equivalent, into items Hou entered by sides belt drive of conveying track within, seal box machine Shang side of carton folding cover device started Folding lid sealing all at once. Carton size changes, automatic machine, automatic replacement top, automatic transmission in due course, without staff supervision for connecting automatic production lines.

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